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Bacon Makes EVERYTHING Better!

I told a few of my friends about this already, but I decided to make a few more people jealous. LOL

In my freezer, right now, is an enormous box of bacon. Real bacon. Cooked up some of it last night over at my father’s house. We had bacon cheeseburgers for dinner. It was a great surprise.

And the best part, I got it for the same price as a regular package of bacon. Where you get, maybe, 20 slices at most.

There are a good couple pounds of bacon currently chilling out in my freezer. It was one of those big boxes they would ordinarily sell to a restaurant. I think I am set up with bacon for a good couple of years.

This makes me very happy.

  1. shadowed-dreamz said: A couple of years.. or a couple of days?
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